Six Which Veteran Player Provided Exclusive Knowledge And Experiences To The Indian Cricket Team?

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The former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has analyzed other team players’ performance and encouraged by making two changes apart from so many changes which is mandatory to make in the Indian Cricket Team.

The very first factor he found in Indian campaign is the approach of their batsman. Gavaskar is not in the favour of team players’ overtime coaching and he says, “it depends on those energetic and overconfident players to perform effectively for the country on the international level.”  He also told that Team India’s leading players has performed decently but they forget to make score for the team to reach in semi- final of the ICC World Cup 2021. Whereas, New- Zealand’s good fielding helped them to make runs, took wickets and saved them in the competition.

The second reason pointed by Sunil Gavaskar to the Indian Team is that the Indian team is very flexible in their current tournament but their fielding performance was not up to the mark due to which the other team took advantage of scoring in the T20 World Cup 2021.

While giving reason of not reaching to the semi- final of the ICC World Cup this year that he added, “Making so many changes in one team that’s not right and also not in the favour of Indian team’s best players because it’s not their fault. In these matches, the batsman could not deliver good performance as per the team’s expectation and that’s the reason currently India in such stage right now. This approach is necessary to bring the change in the Indian Team.”

Posted by Michael Vaughn